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The number of people here are usually on disability? WHY WOULD YOU CARE????? I has been, but now it considered regular SSI thought you have the full inability amount for the rest in your life???? Does it alter at, or your full retirement age? I may should rethink my methodology. It converts at the full retirement years but only around name. The amount stays the identical. Okay... whew! Hello, you planning on going on SSD??? Free Health care LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I know there could few here who definitely are on drugsSome in this case will claim to become a CFO with a strong MBA. Your queary will be meaningless. I laugh after i see cyberbegging content from some loss countries where these people beg and provide you with a deer bath towels deer bath towels bank account number and Actually, i know from actually attending those places you could only open a bank account there when you've got few years' price of income in a real poor people on depo sms to uk sms to uk sit continually there to have even a checking bill. I'm really really concerned about drought with this heatwave inside the east coast, water supply is getting depleted. I hate turning about the faucet without being responsive to the waste. they all are laug may garden bristol may garden bristol hable accept That certain girl that placed pics of petite. If she received posted some noodies I'd have donated, perhaps. Does Fibromyalgia help make me unemployable? I need every single telecommute during flareups. Must i put this with my resume?

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curious about that mark with his forehead was because of the motherfucker traveler. that's assult motherfucker! It's assault if your main luggage falls right out the overhead bin? LOL! several motherfuckers were struggling for space as soon snack food wholesalers snack food wholesalers as the plane was deported. among the many same passenger stood and tried to make sure you retrieve the carry-on luggage from overhead compartment although plane was taxied towards gate. JetBlue guy intervened and also luggage fell on his head whil all the passenger was wishing to pull it belonging to the overhead bin. So, just how was that harm again? Seems like enjoyable to step into position of the asshole, don't stick your go under a falling over luggage. ^^Fundamental misunderstanding within the law If he didn't be conscious of the suitcase coming, it is actually battery. Wouldn't the software be nice wouldn't it turn out to be great if lots of the effort you stuffed into lineing someone elses openings went into maintaining your folks and you. Why is it again the harder you actually work the less you can get paid. I grew a new vegetable garden and even had enough vegetables and fruits to last your entire summer. In fact we so much produce there were to give it away to neighbors. the surprising thing was that this took very minimal effort. People spend lots every week on produce or almond. When it would cost a lot of less to build-it-yourself with a tiny effort. But every person go out and work day after day and pay other people through our labour. I envy the older way of living. Why does money make all the principles? I hate trying to work for various jurk who shouldn't pay me an adequate amount of to survive. Does anyone feel the same?

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September. th, Career Move Networking Picnic in Mar Vista. Job search info networking from a fun picnic environment. Click on "Calendar" then press "September" then drive to the th and press "Career Transition Web 2 . Picnic @ Mar Vista" Log in, then RSVP in the bottoom of that internet page. Email me at picnicbydd@ for people with problems RSVP-ing. Managed Bunky Bill become outed? He's to smart to your regular poster at this point. Someone posted a fabulous name Assuming your name and location are correct, she's: ) A bigshot in an investment bank. ) A bigshot on a pharmaceutical company. ) A take action on those shrimp biryani recipes shrimp biryani recipes who shares a reasonably common name along withbigshots. Jeff's identity is Bill? Satellite television for pc internet companies not likely paying emp's Relating to worked for diverse satellite internet companies and ended up getting the equivalent treatment. It all were left with them not spending me. It's a good story but I will not bore you in it here, but I has been wondering if anyone has had that accidentally them as perfectly. All in all Now i'm owed over $. Meeting at StarBucks w/ person whom - That i volunteered on an individual's campaign effort. Meeting is mostly about you getting aid in finding an chance for yourself. What might possibly be some good etiquette which follow to make an impression him? - if you happen to accept offer of an coffee? - if you happen to offer to buying a coffee? - everything wwwwwwwwwww(other than simply being on time)? Your debt ceiling sky is normally f cricket reptile food cricket reptile food alling! runnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they'll just participate in a short term replacement patch, moron, if they cannot compromise. kinnda for example what greece had? kick a may well again. no, dumbshit one can kicking they will be doing is what to raise taxes. The deal arrive with cuts. can i still be becoming my unemployment benefitsonly weeks now - stimulation expired Julyweeks besides? the first fired got big period perksThe irony being is that they can were probably Any newly fired and additionally better qualified staff only get several weeks.

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Too long and thanks those fish I have been the usual visitor to the following (and other) forums for many years. I have noticed people come as well as go while the various regulars have sticked, and others include clearly overstayed their particular welcome. This forum were always this negative - sure there was some trolls here and there, but mostly it was subsequently pretty harmless. At present the forum is usually infested with trolls, posers, sockpuppets and even spammers who locate this forum their particular personal playground. Much time story short, this forum possesses lost any allure for my sit garden hollis lakeland garden hollis lakeland uation. Intelligent discourse is now by the wayside, clueless 'new users' ask the identical question more and more hoping that somehow the response will change and regulars manage to propagate the illusion that they can be someone even though they may be probably total nobodies on actual life. I foram through with it. I realize once this forum will not ever change so theperson who will have to change is me personally. Good luck into the ones who in fact find this a good site. Happy Different Year! later BUNKYwhats an individual's FICO? Theres oh dear I could at any time raise mine overBunky which articulate? Doubtful. Sounds plenty OP: post during green since you may be leaving anyway! Botre is simply not nearly as elequent had their employment in years. This person have her thumb over the pulse of this part capital cooking com capital cooking com icular forum. oh can occur. stay! just some more longer? SOOOO AUTHENTIC! - Cant have it anymorewho the hell considering? bortre? more just like: bore-treCouldn't agree moreso you realize you'll be leaving too? Clearly, don't really hold here. Just kinda play when I would like to chat or enjoy a question. I have these forums for decades, and this you've got gone down slope, for sure. Too many bored people needing work.

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tiny engine repair small business We are needing to start a smallish engine repair program. We live with a busy street, and feel we could get a nice customer base. That which you don't know is what amount to mark in the price for the things know about charge for struggle. Anyinclude any ideas? Thank you, CarlCarl, if anyone contributes it'll be here in the forums. It's against the rules so that you can solicit to get contacted privately, and listing your own e-mail address on the following is dangerous as that gets harvested from MLMers and pvp bot programs that attract the forums interested in live e-mail addresses to promote. I'm not within your business, but what It is best to do is get started contacting some core repair businesses in your city and find out just how much markup they usually slip on their parts. It may vary depending against your local market. Watch out for zoning laws Some businesses work nicely for home-based businesses, others don't. If you run a engine repair business originating from a location that is not zoned for that type of business, you may come upon problems with your neighbors and the local government.

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Question about trying to get jobs On several of the job item listings on CL, I've applied to the e-mail for the company interested and never contact me around the telephone or on my e-mail. The job listing isn't going to list a phone number or an address to get hold of the employer. I only acquiredphone from the job and ?t had been a possible rip-off. My question is what do you need to do in order to an interview with a job listing? just keep on applying I found certain stuff and had just a few interviews, but the you are stuff was choose to shady or not a good fit for everybody. actually, what you do? If it's anything with the creative/design field you best employ a portfolio and a new damn goodover the internet. Reply averages The actual ratio of investigations vs. contacts personally has been out there, but I are responding to wedding photographer needed posts throughout NYC, so... Here's a few tips ) Always read the ad thoroughly. In the event that it requests whatever special information right from applicants, you ought to give that information for or they will believe you cannot follow simple instructions. ) Always look at your resume and cover letter. Resumes or cover up letters with typos are often thrown out. ) Don't forget to attach your resume with each of your email. ) Always include the job title the ad referenced in your jop application cover letter and advise most people found it concerning CL. ) Provide all of the neccessary contact advice so if they would like to interview you they have perhaps different ways to make contact with you. ) When the post requests basiy no attachments - Won't attach it. Rather copy and gravy it into any email. ) For those who have the skill carryout a webpage with an individual's resume, this is a fantastic alternative to some sort of attachment. ) Be patient and sign up for at least positionsweek - the alot more you apply the chance you'll have in getting the interview. Keep on top of the postings you interact to so when they you never say "huh? I applied for that? " ) Sometimes you will discover the webpage belonging to the company. Look the webpage and see what the agency offers. Use the info you detect about the company to your advantage and write how your skills match the needs of the provider offering the work. Your cover letter will shine among the others once you took the time to consider their webpage and they're going to be in shock that you really managed to think it is. ) Early creatures catches the earthworm. Respond asap whenever you see the offer. Otherwise your resume is going to be on the bottom for the printed out piles or what are the real have already hired someone for those position. I find the fact that anytime after am is a great time to try to find new ads. pm you will see a great number of postings too. I've used this closer to every resume Concerning submitted on CL. I'd say about % have taken care of immediately my emails. I've been working for companies which I have found from job lists off CL.

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Great contract agency is usually driving me loony I don't learn if others have this trouble, but I claim my agency is amongst the worstto choose from... I had to submit a cost report since I did some authorized expenses which are appoved by our client. I asked my agency for a expense report form they usually said that people didn't have 1. After pushing them some are more, they finally fully understood what I needed and after that sent me an era CARD with the numerous hours scratched out along with the amount owed me invest its place. I sent them all my receipts where they got all bent outside shape that We didn't highlight the expenses you want but I DO THAT... Further, I asked them buying and selling websites would be reimbursed and in addition they said that it by direct put in, but I asked them assuming they knew if that amount is considered taxable which in turn it shouldn't -- they still haven't much responded with a response regarding this... This is simply not that hard to carry out... Now today, they ask me to achieve the client sign this specific document and you don't have reference to this approach even though to this date they said everything is at order and We are paid the amount about the day it was due. I hear from others that agency bills an untrustworthy amounts to harmful clients and they get angry if they are ed into it... Makes me wanna switch to a new agency... This can be bullshit.

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How come it feel prefer.. : PM? I may well really crawl in to bed like today. I think subsequent to my husband/son drop by boy scout achieving @: PM I am going to just do which. I hate gloomy/rainy days or weeks! Yep... feels the later part of... but I choose to bed between - on a regular basis... up by HAVE ALWAYS BEEN: ) Have a very good sleep or nap? Anyone for holiday by late July? Havedays to look most anywhere tho price range kinda limited. Can consider any : from spa to be able to cruise to beaches, etc. Love musueums, tradition, outdoors. Professional lady, easy going, easy to consider. Male or Customer (platonic) Effective E mail: @. com Should i need liability ?nsurance coverage? I am engaging independent contractors to be able to represent liquor manufacturers in liquor shops. If they tend to be injured in anyway on the job am I ressponsible? NO IN CASE YO bookers food distribution bookers food distribution U ARE A BROKE AZZ MORON but when you have any assets... choosing a complete FOOL don't have it. Should they don't PAY any wages, turn em directly into IRS! You can get % skin color TAXES they did not pay either. I did it to person who didn't pay out me. Turns out typiy the guy was the embezzler and will probably criminal trial. Imagine everyof the unpaid taxes in the embezzled income. I'm going to be rich!!! Trying to find Contacts I have always been relocating to Montreal through Ireland in The month of january. I will wear Montreal for a well known fact finding mission this kind of month. I am hunting for employment agencies, contacts inside the coaching/athletics sector. I am also the best carpenter so contacts in this area would be equally helpfull. HELP ALL OF US I am starting an alternative website made with lists of instructions about how to do issues. I need yourself to send in your instructions about how to do something. Please keep it all appropriate. Pictures video recording etc. are very good. If it can be accurate i will hang it on the website. E mail me at chaytodo@ Regards, Chay Tired for Unpaid/Low paid profession ads? Sign it! Here's a case to crack straight down on illegal, unpaid/ sub-minimum income jobs - typiy the petition automatiy sends emails in your senators and congressmen - free! And hardly any spam: ) Website link: ***/enforce-minimum-wage-jobs-end-illegal-ads-unpaid-illegally-underp/.